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.com and click on u local. >> the first presidential debate -- mitt romney and president obama go head-to-head tonight at 9:00 right here. we are outside the ritchie center in colorado where the showdown will take place. >> good evening. when this debate starts here tonight at the university of denver, moderator jim lehrer will ban clapping. so, he says, we as america can concentrate on what the candidates are saying. >> i have made up my mind, but i would still like to see both of the candidates sweat a little bit. >> president obama was relaxed this week. mitt romney, too, but he knows he has to change perceptions tonight. more voters see romney negatively than positively, and that loses elections. >> only two presidential candidates in the last 20 years have had a net negative image at this point and one of them lost, george h. w. bush, ann romney needs to improve that dynamic. >> romney got good news from three battlegrounds. in florida, he is down only by one. . still way behind in ohio peeling -- in florida, he is down only by one. he is still way behind in ohio. in virginia, he
are on tonight's presidential debate on long island. republicans figured governor romney will be buoyed by new set of independent polls. >> with mitt romney ahead in a new poll in a critical swing state, even more is riding on tonight's debate here. the pressure is on, but so was his smile as barack obama heads to the debate. a new poll shows romney reading in 12 battleground states -- leading in 12 battleground states. since the debate in denver, gallup found romney trailed with women in swing states by just one. tina obama disputes the numbers. >> whoever wins the women went election. >> tonight's debate is a town hall, audience questions. george bush looked terrible in a debate like that in 2001. bill clinton looked empathetic. >> when people lose their jobs, there is a good chance i will know them by their names. today at hofstra, he will continue to preach what he believes in comic as he is more moderate than people give him credit for. >> obama needs to take charge and show he has been running the country for four years. >> something terrible happened, and we have to find out what it was
closing campaign argument in delray beach, charging mitt romney cannot be trusted. >> everything he is doing right now is to hide his real position and try to win this election. florida, you know me. you can trust that i say what i mean. >> but at the debate, the president's mulct mitt romney concerns about the shrinking u.s. navy. >> governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets. >> he keeps taking cheap shots. that is not presidential. >> but mitt romney held his ground. >> i don't see our influence growing around the world, i see it reseeding. >> i think mitt romney had a tactical decision to look presidential, look above the fray. that was obviously an appeal toward moderate women and in general.s >> 1 floridians who said he was leaning toward romney now says he is leaning away. >> it is definitely a coin toss. >> the election looks like a coin toss. mitt romney when the key swing state, nevada. the battleground map still seems to favor obama. they could lose in this day, when ohio, and still win the election. >> wincome to maryland in november, there are a number of importan
at the top of the nation. obama naand romney are in ohio. no republican president has won without ohio. romney trimmed the advantage to four points. both respond to this ad about romney's plan to cut subsidies. >> someone is finally tough on big bird. >> he is focused on saving big bird. kind of a strange thing. i'm focused on helping the americnan people get good jobs. >> joe biden ahd his opponent debate tomorrow night. the big bird attack is not the only ad. both campaigns and outside groups pour money into battlegrounds as early absentee states -- the most saturated markets are ohio, wisconsin, florida, colorado -- and the most targeted is orlando. sausage or pepperoni? a lifetime of free pizza, one large pie a week, to anyone who poses the question to barack obama or mitt romney. it has to happen in the live debate next tuesday. this is drawing criticism from thousands of viewers who want to hear about the economy, health care, and serious issues. >> more fallout for lance armstrong. about a dozen of his former teammates testified against him in a government investigation. it was
. in the second day tuesday, mitt romney boasted he had asked the help of women's groups to staff his massachusetts governor's office. >> they brought us more -- hold binders full of women. >> that, said president obama today, is the difference between him and governor romney. >> we don't have to order of binders to find qualified, talented, driven young women. governor romney still won't say whether or not he supported the law to protect their rights. >> ann romney went on "the view ." >> inouye add targets women reject a new ad targets women and reproductive rights. >> bruce springsteen sanford president obama and ohio -- sang before president obama in ohio. in the last debate, mitt romney claims 580,000 women lost their jobs in the past four years. today, government statistics put that number far lower, 83,000 from the first full month after barack obama took office. women were hit no harder than men. steve handelsman, wbal-tv 11 news. >> no doubt you have seen the television ads, maryland ministers proclaiming their support for the civil marriage protection act. they announce one
to is the best chance mitt romney has to turn his poles around. -- polls around. >> mitt romney will be side by side with president obama. 60 million americans could to an end. -- tune in. they're setting up for the debates in denver, one of mitt romney's biggest backers. >> every time he has been challenged, he has come forward with an outstanding performance. >> mitt romney trails and every battleground state. >> he's got to redefine himself as someone who cares about the average american. he has to show how his policies connect to that caring. he has to show how president obama's policies have not produced a better result than his policies. that is a lot to do in one debate. >> at a rally in nevada last night, president obama denied he is confident. >> governor romney is a good debater. i am just ok. but what i am most concerned about is having a serious discussion about what we need to do to keep the country growing. >> the candidates -- their campaigns are working harder. of volunteer for president obama. >> the congress he had to work with. >> she is in waterloo, iowa. >> we want to ma
will likely get the chance to ask questions of president obama and mitt romney. steve handelsman is in washington with more on how important the debate is for both candidates. >> it was mitt romney is numbers that moved the most after the last debate. the pressure this time is on the incumbent. president obama, whose last public break from the bait camp was yesterday, is being warned not to overcorrection be too aggressive tomorrow night. the town hall style debate -- yes, he needs to show he is tupper but he does not want to come across as a bully. for mitt romney, the advice he is getting is to engage with the questioner. he has a tendency to back away. >> the race is tight nationally in two new polls, but mitt romney is likability has shot up after the denver debate. romney is not mentioned in the d.w obama at perr >> did they inherit a tough situation? absolutely. >> you can vote early absentee to make sure to focus on making phone calls. we even need you to talk to your relatives. that is so important. next door to began early voting today. first lady michelle obama cast her
is still on the ohio. >> and on the economy of, of course. mitt romney and barack obama -- >> we have the latest from washington. >> no republican has ever won the white house without winning ohio. this year's nominees campaigning like he thinks that is still the rule. mitt romney took a break from his ohio marathon and went to iowa. >> we will create 12 million new jobs. we will see rising take-home pay. >> the former governor has improved his poll numbers because more voters dislike him. >> mitt romney used to be upside down in terms of his likability. >> back in ohio, a pretty town in the key swing state, kathy voted for barack obama in 2008, but decided to switch after she went to see mitt romney. >> i believe his promises. >> the president ended his campaign marathon in ohio last night. he is arguing 2% growth in the third quarter is better than expected. stick with me and my plan, the president urged radio listeners. >> governor romney is economic plans are reverting back to the same policies i inherited that led us to the slowest job growth in 50 years. >> he still leads in ohi
. >> thank you, tom. here is what we know tonight. barack obama and mitt romney took the fight for the white house of a notch at last night's debate and they gave every indication today they will keep up that intensity for the final stretch. we have recaps of the long island clashed. >> thanks, good evening. how did it play in the battleground states? the polls start to measure -- the candidates headed out trying to move those numbers. they were swing states. former governor romney in virginia. >> i think the american people expected the president of the united states would be able to describe what he is going to do in the next four years. but he cannot. he tried to spend most of this time talking about, plan will not work. >> this tax panel does not add up. -- his tax plan does not add up. his jobs plan does not create jobs. mitt romney is trying to sell you a sketchy deal. we are not buying it. >> paul ryan was in all i/o. >> didn't mitt romney to a great job for us? >> the debate was a brawl. >> he has a one-point plan and that plan is to make sure folks at the top played by a different s
'sthe supsuperstorm damage, but joe biden was still campaign, as was mitt romney. >> six days to go before election day. both campaigns are ramping back up and predicting victory, but acknowledge sandy has had an impact on their race. >> mitt romney return to the campaign trail in battleground florida. >> we're going through trauma and a major part of the country. >> striking a softer tone in light of sandy, the gop nominee renewed his closing argument. take my view is i believe this is a time for america to take a different course. >> in his native wisconsin, paul ryan also tried to make a compelling case. to go let's wake up wednesday morning knowing we did everything we possibly could, because as we all know, wisconsin is one of the critical battleground states. appreciate it. to go his surrogates picked up this last from bill clinton. take a mitt romney strategy is to blame him for everything under the sun. take of the facts are mitt romney will say anything, anything to win. in the final days, the ground game is about expanding the map. it to go there is testing going on with other states that
to an obama or romney victory. they are trying to hit them all. >> mitt romney and paul ryan's swing state stork -- swing state toward split up. closing onthey're the president. >> he is out of ideas and out of excuses and in november, you are going to put him out of office. >> ryan went to ohio where he and romney closed up five. get to 1. >> mitt romney and i believe in true compassion and upward mobility. >> colorado could be key. thousands cheered the republican ticket. the obama lead in this state has disappeared. to slow the slide, barack obama will visit five swing states. >> we're going to pull an all- nighter. >> starting in iowa where his lead is down to two points. >> you know me. you know i say what i mean. >> he charged governor romney with 8 and switch. >> debate is the promise his plan creates 12 million jobs. the switch is the fact his plan does not create 12 million jobs. >> joe biden was in the buckeye state. >> ohio is going to pick the next president of the united states of america. >> if the democrats win here, is that it? >> everyone says no republican has been electe
. frustrated with what he sees as ms. romney -- mitt romney's shifting positions on issues, president obama unleashed some comedy. >> you have got to believe neither of these presidential candidates is doing a lot of laughing in private. the race is so close is agonizing. the president in public was cracking up today. in northern virginia, president obama joked his opponent has a condition. >> i think it is called from the -- romneysia. >> if you say you are for equal pay for equal work but keep refusing to say whether you would sign a bill to protect that, you might have romneysia. in a debate, you might say you do not know anything about giving tax breaks to rich folks. obamacare covers pre-existing conditions. >> he got a glass, but is -- in got big laughs, but his support in the state has dropped. mitt romney says women have not forgotten how they suffered in four years. polls show mitt romney ahead. two others show them tied. two others show him trailing in the states needs to win. the next debate is next week in florida. another issue is how the president defended the issue last night
. mitt romney focused on the states he hopes to win. the wrap up, coming up next. >> hurricane sandy already >> hurricane sandy already producing it's heavy lifting. you start with a democratic senator named ben. by getting bwi-marshall funding for new runways, he's helping us serve 21 million passengers a year, which helps keep 100,000 jobs that depend on the airport, and that means more cargo for more businesses and more skycaps unloading more taxis... welcome to bwi. ...carrying families with more luggage. thanks. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approve this message. >> the campaign frenzy continues. mitt romney campaigned across ohio, which is a must win state for him. >> president obama bluecross the country -- flew across the country today. >> barack obama made his marathon effort part of his message. he started the day, he had been in iowa, on the tonight show in los angeles, in nevada for a late rally, and then get a call to colin powell after the general endorsed him on cbs. >> at 9:00 a.m. in florida,
it than mr. romney. >> it is difficult to imagine people who have not made up their mind. >> i just want the economy to go up and up. >> vice-president biden. >> america is coming back. 5.2 million jobs. >> paul ryan was in colorado. >> all i am saying is help us. >> this coupled cast early ballots for romney-ryan today in ohio. cook's first time around i voted for obama, because i thought change was needed. i still think change is needed. >> for those who still think another side by side look is needed, there is tonight's debate. >> with both the national league baseball playoff and monday night football on at the same time as the debate, steve handelsman, wbal-tv 11 news. >> here in maryland, early voting gets under way this weekend. marylanders are filling a seat in congress, choosing to u.s. senators, and voting for seven crucial issues on the ballot. sheldon dutes is live at the board of elections downtown. >> through next thursday, november 1, people will be able to vote early in this election. a good voter is a prepared one. officials are urging everyone to read up on the candidat
their romney gave back in 2007 and there was more to it. not going after just bin laden but the entire network of terrorists. >> there with no shortage of a misleading and exaggerated claims in fact check says it be prepared to hear much of the same in the coming weeks. >> now your 11 insta-weather + forecast with meteorologist tony pann. >> the average time is 68. the wind kicking up in the afternoon because we had a cold front go through with a nice canadian air mass behind it and pressure coming in from the great lakes. . most of your way from the water will probably wake up to your first frost of the season. difficult to achieve this is the house some cloud cover around. in order to get good cooling coming any clear skies,, wind, dry air. the air is dry, but we have cloud cover hanging around and some gusting wind. the wind will the minister overnight and these guys will clear. at the airport, 58. northwest wind at 17. notice the relative humidity is only 36% and the dew point is 31. 53 in parton. 55 in jericho. far northern and western suburbs, you could actually dipped below 32 tonight's
obama and governor romney are closer is ever but are they really? we will talk to a pollster about this details. >> all eyes are on the polls and they show a tighter race since last week's debate. how tough it is not so clear. mitt romney is doing much better up by five points over president obama. ohio and iowa could determine a winner. the numbers give him a new covenants but there is a gallup survey that says those numbers are going back down. >> as we continue to track it down, we think some of that is dissipating. >> the president is behind by two points among likely voters where this is the final day for brodeur registration. researchers say abortion remains a key issue for voters as it has in recent elections. that is as high a percentage as gallup has measured since the 1990's. another 45% of voters say abortion is one of the many important factors it will consider when casting their ballot. anti-abortion advocates are more likely to say it will consider -- iskandariyah's position on the issue. >> wyland clashes on the streets of athens. all sport by a visit by german chanc
's hoping for a breakthrough by his candidate, mitt romney. >> i want him to talk about economic values, empowering small businesses. >> he used to talk about republican values. >> they have got away from taking care of the little guy. >> vice president biden today charging -- >> how can they justify raising taxes on the middle class? >> republicans jumped on that. taking a break for a burrito bowl. an,ney's number two, paul ry kept campaigning. >> it failed because it was passed. >> that's the type of zinger they hope to hear tomorrow night at debate number 1. wbal-tv 11 enws. >> i wild ride for passengers on several american airline flights as their seat literally became detached from the floor. >> how widespread is the problem? could the desire to give passengers more legroom be to blame. blame. >> it beds and file additional charges against five former employees of bernie madoff. five employees were recently indicted on other charges. they determine the ponzi scheme started much earlier than they thought. >> officials at american airlines say the problem was with installed clamps ca
8%. coming under that barrier could improve the reelection prospects. expect governor romney to continue to target the president as he did today with the campaign releasing several new ads on the issue. >> another warm day and early october, enjoy it while at lasted. at 82 degrees down town right now, where above normal. western maryland, the mid to upper 60's in this hour. it will stay fairly mild overnight. tomorrow, the wind shifts to the northwest. we will start to feel fall coming back in full force. in north texas, the same front is working in that direction and might kick up a couple showers. running about 30% chance of a shower at first pitch. it is about 80 degrees in arlington right now. there may be some scattered showers in the area with of the north agrees that the northerly wind that cools things into the '60s as we head towards the end of the game. the 30% chance will persist as the front is moving through. the same fraud that triggered snow in northwestern minnesota yesterday, it is pushing showers and to the ohio valley and a stretch of the way down in the no
romney, they figure, still has a ways to go, but his effort looks back on track. republican joy in denver, he declared his campaign is rejuvenated. >> we are going to take back the white house. let's get back to medicare. the president said the government can provide the service at lower cost and without profit. >> barack obama kept his eyes and his energy low. >> it is very rare that impression is thickly, there is such a clear triumph of one side over the other. >> the president admitted he got surprised. >> when i got to this stage, i met this very spirited fellow who claims to be met ronnie. >> the charge he changed his stance on taxes and spending. >> if you want to be president, you owe the american people the truth. >> some people felt he owed a better debate. >> i think he didn't have the practice. >> are you worried he might lose? >> not rally. -- not really. >> he will review and if he wants to make changes in the next debate, he will do so. >> they claim all that changed was his audience. >> people saw him for the first time, not in the thirty second attack ad or innocence but
last night. after mitt romney's strong showing in last week's presidential debate and the shake-up in the polls, the pressure is on like never before. for joe biden, it is like -- is about stopping the momentum of the other side. >> calling out the inconsistencies of the other side. and that would be considered a win for him. >> and for ryan? >> to make a good case for his budget proposals in a way that average people can understand. it is hard to discuss these things without delving too much into the wonky details. >> outside the debate hall, organizers are holding a party. >> i am supporting ryan and i just want to hear what they have to say. >> i came to support obama and to listen to the debate and be here to say, kentucky, we have obama supporters here. >> the debate will cover foreign and domestic issues. it will be divided into nine different segments lasting about 10 minutes each. we understand biden will get the first question and ryan will get the last word. wbal-tv 11 news. >> how aggressive can we expect the candidates to be tonight? >> i think we could see joe biden
will resume our schedule in florida, starting tomorrow. >> governor mitt romney is expected to resume his campaign against mro in florida, but he paused to take part in a storm relief event, packing supplies bound for the east coast. >> we have people right now that are having some hard times because of this terrible hurricane and the storm that followed it. generosity will make a difference. >> with one week to go before the election, there are questions about whether hard-hit areas will be ready. >> election day does not matter to me at the moment. >> a situation like this has never been heard of in a presidential election. all bets are off. many political experts think it is highly unlikely next week's election would be postponed. >> nikole killion, wbal-tv 11 news. >> obviously the treacherous conditions caused a lot of delays and cancellations. today governor martin o'malley announced early voting will resume tomorrow with extended hours. beginning wednesday in going through friday evening, doors will open at 8:00 a.m. and close at 9:00 p.m. here is a look at what is coming at new at
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21